Custom Playmat for Trading Card Game

Create your own TCG playmat with GIFFINDEX satisfies the demands of Trading Card Game players with the best quality Playmat. Official Tournament Card Game Pokémon TCG, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! With over 30 years of manufacturing expertise, including a passion for playing card games So we understand what the best Playmat for playing cards should be. And what kind of raw material is the best, which GIFFINDEX (Thailand) is a manufacturer of raw materials for the world's leading Playmat and Mousepad brands, Such as Lycra, Neoprene polymer, Holo Foil, PORON Microcellular Polyrethane and is also a leader in the South East Asia region. In exporting neoprene Elastic8+, including being entrusted to be the latest Official Pokémon TCG Thailand Regional Playmat manufacturer in 2022-2023 and BANDAI Official UnionArena Playmat manufacturer in 2023 and price not expensive. Because every production step can carried in our own factory.

Size : Standard Pokémon TCG Playmat
Surface : Premium micro fabric Antimicrobial
Material : Neo elastic8+ polymer 1-3mm
Minimum Quantity : 1 piece

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GIFFINDEX คือโรงงานแผ่นรองเมาส์แห่งแรกในประเทศไทยตั้งแต่ปี 1998 รายใหญ่ที่สุดในประเทศไทย คุณภาพดีที่สุดในโลก
รับผลิต Playmat Trading Card Game Custom TCG Playmat ด้วยเทคโนโลยีทันสมัย
สั่งทำ Playmat ได้ทุกขนาด ทุกไซด์ความหนา ปราศจากวัตถุดิบจากต่างประเทศ เลือกใช้ยางธรรมชาติ Para Rubber Wood จากประเทศไทย
ทุกกระบวนการผลิตดำเนินการภายใต้นโยบาย ESG ปราศจากซัลเฟอร์เป็นมิตรต่อสิ่งแวดล้อม และเป็นโรงงานเดียวที่รีดยางด้วยระบบ UltraSonic
GIFFINDEX® is The Best Playmat Card Game Manufacturer has been trusted by Pokémon TCG ,UNION ARENA ,etc.

GIFFINDEX (Thailand) is a leading manufacturer of Mousepad, Playmat, Tablemat Deskmat. and printing on all kinds of plastic materials With all types of colors, including fluorescent colors, reflective colors, foils, etc. And is the first in Thailand to produce products with Inmould Label technology Heat Transfer and Water transfer deeply. We have a clear goal of improving quality. With research of modern technology and imported the best machines in production to provide customers with the highest quality, fast and affordable products. At present, we are confident quality and price are the best in Thailand.
Silver nano-free, environmentally friendly.
With the innovative production of Elastic 8+ polymers The company guarantees the highest quality in Thailand.
which can be clearly tested compared to conventional polymers
Leading customers who trust us to produce mouse pads such as iHaveCPU, Com7 Bananait, Synnex, FPSThailand, The Pokémon Company, Com2Us GIFFINDEX (Thailand) has been entrusted to produce high quality Playmat for 2022 Pokémon TCG Thailand Regional League.
Mousepad factory GIFFINDEX specializes in all systems one stop service, can order mouse pads of any size. Custom made Playmat of all shapes.

Global leading customers who order high quality mouse pads with GIFFINDEX (Thailand)

FPSThailand, the No. 1 esports company in Thailand, trusts GIFFINDEX to production of mousepads.

Demon Slayer, the world's 1st highest grossing animation, trusts GIFFINDEX Mousepads manufacturer.

RiotGames, the creator of League of Legends, entrusts GIFFINDEX with their mousepads production.

UnionArena New Card Game 2023 from BANDAI entrusts Giffindex to produce playmat.

GIFFINDEX are hornored to produce playmat CardFight!! Vanguard 10 Years Anniversary.

B2S Center of Passion Community Center of Happiness entrust Giffindex to produce playmat.

Pokemon TCG, the world's highest-grossing media franchise, trusts Giffindex to production.
Official Playmat for Regional League and Town League Tournament.
The Pokémon Company visit GIFFINDEX Thailand and Trust us to take care of production
With the best quality Including product safety standards and safety Artwork files

Other colors of rubber and Gold foil also available

Rogers Coperation the owner and producer of PORON material come to GIFFINDEX Thailand for show the sample and introduce the PORON material and said that GIFFINDEX is the first company in THAILAND who contact Rogers for PORON material to produce the mousepad and playmat .
GIFFINDEX รับผลิตแผ่นรองเมาส์ รับทำแผ่นรองเม้าส์ สั่งทำแผ่นรองเมาส์ ได้ทุกขนาด ทุกรูปแบบ
รับผลิตแผ่นรองโต๊ะ รับทำแผ่นรองโต๊ะ สั่งทำแผ่นรองโต๊ะ สั่งผลิตแผ่นรองเม้าส์ได้ทุกไซด์ ทุกความหนา
รับทำ Playmat แผ่นรองเล่นการ์ดเกม สั่งทำ Playmat แผ่นรองเล่นการ์ดเกม ทั้งเย็บขอบ กันน้ำ ฟอล์ย Foil เรืองแสง Poron microcellular polyurethanes